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Media law & ethics in Australia

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absolute privilege - defamation
absolute privilege - conditions for
accuracy – checking
accuracy - rumour and speculation
accuracy - types of sources
accuracy - primary sources
accuracy - secondary sources
accuracy - reporting courts
accuracy - writing about courts
accuracy - and privilege
accuracy - and identity
accuracy - privilege & freedom of speech
advertising - opinions
advertising - and personal conviction
allegations - legal language
allegations - in intros
allegations - and defamation

Anti-Discrimination Board (A)
anti-terrorism laws (A)
anti-terrorism laws - development of (A)
anti-terrorism - restricting media (A)
anti-terrorism - links (A)
apologies - in defamation (A)
appeals - and contempt (A)
Attorney-General (A)
attribution - conflicting sources
attribution - sources of information
attribution - on the record
attribution - non-attributable sources
attribution - off the record
AusLII - links to (A)

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background - from off-the-record sources
background - and contempt
background stories - court reporting
bad taste
bad taste - and obscenity
bail hearings
balance - fairness
balance - reporting elections
balance - court reporting
Berne Copyright Convention (A)

bias - and impartiality
blackmail - and the right to know
blackmail - criminal defamation
braille - defamation in
bribes - and favours
bribed - to journalists
bribes - gifts and freebies
bribes - criminal contempt
bugging (see electronic interception)

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campaigning journalism
captions - defamation
case law
children - protecting
children - in court (A)
children - in family court proceedings (A)
civil contempt
civil defamation - punishments (A)
civil law
comment - and appeals
committal - proceedings
common law
common law - damages
common law - criminal libels
common law - definition of obscenity
confidentiality - naming sources
consistency - and court reporting
constitution - source of laws
constitution - and defamation laws
contacts - fairness of
contemporaneous - reporting
contemporaneous - publishing
contemporaneous - and privilege
contempt (A)
contempt - what is it? (A)
contempt - penalties (A)
contempt - cases against media (A)
contempt - and investigative reporting
contempt - sub judice in investigating
contempt - and confidentiality
contempt - silencing writs
contempt - defences (A)
contempt of parliament (A)
convictions - as evidence of truth
convictions - spent

copyright (A)
copyright - duration of (A)
copyright agreements (A)
copyright - and leaked documents (A)
copyright - ownership (A)
coroner's court (A)
correcting unintentional defamation
correction & apology - defamation
costs - in law
costs - and damages
court martial (See military courts)
court records - as sources of information
court reporting - fairness in
court reporting - rules of
court reporting in practice
court reporting - an actual case
court reporting - intros
court reporting - colour
court reporting - electronic recording (A)
courts - case law
courts - the judiciary
courts - and privilege
courts - and contempt (A)
courts (See also court reporting)
Crimes Act - and official secrecy (A)
Crimes Act - electronic interception (A)
Criminal Code - and anti-terrorism (A)
criminal contempt
criminal defamation
criminal law
criminal libels
criticism - of courts and judges
cross-checking - facts
cross -checking - sources
customary law


damages - in civil law
damages - for defamation
damages - types awarded
dead - defaming
dead - defaming (A)
defamation (A)
defamation - what is it? (A)
defamation - who can sue (A)
defamation - defences (A)
defamation - truth as a defence (A)
defamation - what you cannot do
defamation - what you can do
defamation - punishment & damages (A)
defamation - courts and parliaments
defamation - writing about crime
defamation - investigative reporting
defamation - blame
defamation - risks in reviewing
defamation & privilege - reporting courts

deterrence - reporting courts
dignity - of courts
dignity - scandalising the court
disobedience - of court orders (A)
divorce - family courts
divorce - evidence in court
divorce - court judgments
D-notices (A)
drawings - defamatory

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eavesdropping (see also electronic interception)
electronic interception (A)
Equal Opportunities Commission (
Equal Opportunities Tribunal (A)

ethics - introduction
ethnicity - and racial vilification (A)
euphemisms - in translation
eyewitnesses - as secondary sources

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Facebook - dafamation on
facts and opinions
facts and opinions - proven facts
facts and opinions - probable facts
fair comment - defamation
fair dealing - copyright (A)
fair trial - court reporting
fair trial - committal proceedings
fair trial - prejudicial publications
fair trial - prejudicing
fairness - in letters columns
fairness - of legal system
fairness - defence in defamation
fairness - and privilege

Family Court (A)
Family Court - children in (A)
filming in court (A)
fear and alarm - creating
FOI (See freedom of information)
freedoms - in society
freedoms - legal limits on
freedom of information - finding facts
freedom of speech - clash with traditions
freedom of speech - protecting sources
freedom of speech - fair comment

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good faith - privilege
good faith - and sedition
good taste

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habeas corpus - and anti-terrorism (A)honesty - in judging facts and opinions
House of Lords - as court of appeal
human rights commissions (A)
human rights commissions - links to (A)
humour - taste and bad taste


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identification - in law (See also identity)
identikit (See Photofit)
identification - in defamation (A)
identity - necessary for defamation
identity - what is means in defamation
imputation - in defamation
in camera - evidence (A)
indecent evidence

injunctions - contempt
injunctions - silencing writs
innocent dissemination - defamation (A)
innuendo - in defamation
insolence - contempt (A)
interference - contempt (A)
irony - in defamation

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jargon - legal
judges - the judiciary
judges - in court
judges - and contempt
judges - in defamation
judges - assessing damages

jury - their role
jury - in court proceedings
jury - and contempt
jury - argument in absence of (A)
jury - and appeals
jury - in defamation
jury - assessing damages
justification - defence in defamation

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key points - in intro writing
key points - in writing the news story
key points - ranking
key points - obituaries


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Lady Chatterley's Lover - obscenity trial
language - accuracy in legal terms
language - 'No comment'
language - fairness
language - swearing and bad tastelanguage - legal
language - scandalising
language - prejudicial to a fair trial
language - words that change
language - obscene
lead (See intro)
leader columns - facts and opinions
leader columns - fairness

leaked documents - as source of news
leaked documents - non-attributable
leaked documents - copyright on
legislation - source of law
legislature - source of laws
legislature - contempt of parliament
Lennon, John - and copyright
letters to the editor - facts and opinions
letters to the editor - and defamation
libel (See also defamation)
lies - probable
lies - dangers of
literary merit - defence against obscenity

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magistrates - in judiciary
magistrates - and committal proceedings
malice - investigative reporting
malice - in court reporting
malice - and privilege
malice - and qualified privilege
malice - in defamation (A)
malice - and criminal defamation
meaning - in defamation (A)
McCartney, Paul - and copyright

military courts (A)

morality - privacy and public interest

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national security laws (A)
national security website (A)
no comment
notebooks - and defence against contempt


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objectivity - campaigning journalism
obscenity - and bad taste
obscenity - criminal libels
off the record
official secrecy laws (A)
on the record

opinions - and facts
opinions - verifiable
opinions - expert
opinions - personal
opinion - defence in defamation (A)
opinions - fair comment
order of mandamus

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parliament - privilege
parliament - contempt of
photographs in court (A)
plaintiff - in civil law
plaintiff - in defamation
plaintiff - identity
plaintiff - and damages
police radios - monitoring
police - role in law
police - and courts
police - and legal deterrence
police prosecutor
politicians - private lives
politics - fairness reporting elections
political debate - defamation defence (A)
predictions - fairness of making
prejudice - colour in reporting courts
prejudice - in reporting committals
prejudice - criminal contempt (A)
prejudice - danger for reporters
prejudice - possible defence
prejudice - 'without prejudice'
press officers - as secondary sources
press releases - dealing fairly with
pressures - on journalists
pressures - government
pressures - commercial
pressures - police
pressures - family
pressures - tradition
presumption of innocence
privacy - and public interest
privacy - right to
privilege - protection from defamation (A)
privilege - courts and parliaments
privilege - absolute and qualified
privilege - defence in defamation
privilege - and obscenity
Profumo, John - public interest
public benefit - defence in obscenity
public figures - and privacy
public figure - defamation (A)
public interest - and privacy
public interest - and privacy
public interest - and defence of truth
public interest - meaning in defamation
publication - in defamation (A)
punishment - reason for laws
punishment - reasons for reporting courts
punishment - for defamation

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qualified privilege
quotes - on the record

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race hate laws (A)
racial vilification (A)

racial vilification - complaints about (A)
racial vilification - corrective action (A)
racial vilification - permissible acts (A)
racist acts (A)
recording in court (A)

reliability - of facts
remand - in custody
remand - on bail
reporting restrictions - in committals
reputation - injury to
reputation - calculating damage to

restrictions on media - terrorism (A)reviews - facts and opinions
reviews - fairness
reviews - and copyright (A)
reviews - protection of fair comment
right of reply - privilege
royalties - copyright (A)
royalty - privacy and public interest
rumour - and speculation
rumour - and defamation

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scandalising the court - contempt (A)
security laws
sedition and national security laws (A)
sensitivity - privacy and grief
September 11 2001 (A)
silencing or SLAPP writs
Singh, Khushwant - on gifts
sources - choosing for fairness
sources of information
sources of information - credibility
sources of information - confidentiality
sources of information - reliability
sources of information - primary
sources of information - secondary
sources of information - anonymous
sources - refusal to name (A)

speculation - and rumour
speculation - and predictions
spent convictions

standards of journalism
statute of limitations - in defamation (A)
stereotypes - taste and bad taste
stolen property - and leaked documents
styles of journalism
sub judice
sub judice - investigative reporting
sub judice - defamation and privilege
sub judice - and committals
sub judice - prejudicial publications
sub judice - defence against contempt
subpoena - failure to obey
subpoena - to name a confidential source
suicide - reporting
swearing - bad language

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talkback radio - sharing opinions
terrorism and anti-terrorism laws (A)
third party - publication in defamation
third party - in criminal defamation
threats - pressures on journalists
threats - criminal contempt
tradition - pressures on journalists
tradition - customary law
treason (A)
triviality - defence in defamation (A)
truth - defence in defamation (A)

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unintentional defamation
United Nations - covenants on rights (A)

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value judgments - personal opinions
verdict - and sub judice
verdict - and mention of prior convictions
vilification (A) (see also racial vilification)


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War of the Worlds - fear and alarm
Watergate - bugging and wire tapping (A)
wire tapping laws (A)
without prejudice
witnesses - interviewing during court case
words - meaning of in defamation (A)

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Media law & ethics in Australia
  1. Media law & ethics in Australia - Introduction
  2. Defamation in Australia
  3. Contempt & court reporting in Australia
  4. Copyright in Australia
  5. Vilification in Australia
  6. National security and anti-terrorism in Australia
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