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The following comment by David Stone on The News Manual Online appeared in on 24 January 2010.


This is brilliant – three textbooks on journalism published online, absolutely free to use.

Across the three uploaded books, this site covers pretty much everything important about being a journalist. There’s sound advice on basic reporting, developing relationships with contacts, special interest journalism, law and ethics, investigative techniques, the list is (not quite) endless.

It hails from the Pacific Islands, as a creation for Journalism students in Papua New Guinea. Don’t think for a second that makes it any less relevant wherever you live, it’s absolutely solid advice – and after all, the basics of journalism are universal.

First published in 1991, it doesn’t cover anything in terms of technology, but this is the most complete digest I’ve found online of the fundamental skills and techniques of creating news.

I’m sure you’ll find something enlightening among the ‘pages’, no matter how experienced you are.

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