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absolute privilege - defamation
absolute privilege - conditions for
accuracy – an ordered mind
accuracy – and clear writing
accuracy – checking
accuracy – note making
accuracy – in translations
accuracy – in vox pops
accuracy - when reporting minorities
accuracy - rumour and speculation
accuracy - types of sources
accuracy - primary sources
accuracy - secondary sources
accuracy - reporting courts
accuracy - writing about courts
accuracy - and privilege
accuracy - and identity
accuracy - privilege & freedom of speech
active voice – grammar
active voice – sentence structure
actuality - for quoting
actuality – and vox pops
actuality - reporting crime
actuality - instead of quotes in radio
actuality - in bulletins
adjectives & adverbs - lively language
adjectives & adverbs - objectivity
adversarial system of law
advertising - in features
advertising - opinions
advertising - and personal conviction

agriculture - and industry
agriculture, fisheries & forestry
allegations - legal language
allegations - in intros
allegations - and defamation
almanacs - yearbooks
American English - language
American English - spelling
American English - style books
American English - dictionaries
anecdotes - in obituaries
anniversaries - of disasters
anniversary features
anti-terrorism laws
apologies and corrections
appeals - and contempt
athletics - results
attribution - and quotes
attribution - writing about crime
attribution - on radio and TV
attribution - conflicting sources
attribution - sources of information
attribution - on the record
attribution - non-attributable sources
attribution - off the record
audiences - for radio & TV

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background - in writing news stories
background - preparation
background - in follow-ups
background - from sources of information
background - from off-the-record sources
background - and contempt
background stories - in crime reporting
background stories - court reporting
backgrounders - feature writing
bad taste
bad taste - and obscenity
bail hearings
balance - in follow-ups
balance - reporting sermons
balance - fairness
balance - reporting elections
balance - court reporting
balance sheets - finance reporting
balance sheets - how to read them
basketball - results
beats (See also rounds)
Berne Convention on Copyright
bias - objectivity in language
bias - in reviewing
bias - in selecting sports correspondents
bias - and impartiality

blackmail - and the right to know
blackmail - criminal defamation
blogging - live
bowls - results
brackets - in grammar
braille - defamation in
breaking stories
breaking stories - a practical example
breaking stories - and follow-ups
bribery - dangers in rounds reporting
bribes - and favours
bribed - to journalists
bribes - gifts and freebies
bribes - criminal contempt
broadcasting - radio and TV bulletins
broadcasting - repetition
broadcasting - punctuation
broadcasting - using numbers
broadcasting - using abbreviations
broadcasting - pronunciation
bulletins - for radio and TV
bulletins - special

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cameras - news pictures
campaigning journalism
capital letters - punctuation
captions - for photographs
captions - television
captions - defamation
case law
catchlines - copy presentation
catchlines in in follow-ups
chief of staff
children - protecting
children - in court
children - in family court proceedings
citizen journalism
civil code legal systems
civil contempt
civil defamation - punishments
civil law
civil law (civil code law)
Cojuangco Case - confidential sources
collective nouns
columns - features
comment - and appeals
commentary columns
commerce - finance reporting
committal - proceedings
common law
common law legal systems
common law rights
common law - damages
common law - criminal libels
common law - definition of obscenity
Commonwealth English
Commonwealth English - spelling
Commonwealth English - style books
Commonwealth English - dictionaries
company records - finding information
conferences - press
confidentiality - investigative reporting
confidentiality - checking
confidentiality - naming sources
conflict of interest - in rounds reporting
conflict of interest - with acquaintances
conflict of interest - favours
conflict of interest - police contacts
conflict of interest - undivided loyalty
conjunctions - sentence structure
conjunctions - problems in translation
consistency - and court reporting
constitution - source of laws
constitution - and defamation laws
constructive criticism - writing reviews
contacts - books
contacts - and interviews
contacts - and media releases
contacts - rounds reporting
contacts - maintaining
contacts - political reporting
contacts - unions and employers
contacts - science & technology
contacts - crime reporting
contacts - investigative reporting
contacts - reporting death & disaster
contacts - fairness of

contemporaneous - reporting
contemporaneous - publishing
contemporaneous - and privilege
contempt - and investigative reporting
contempt - sub judice in investigating
contempt - and confidentiality
contempt - electronic recording in court
contempt - silencing writs
contempt - defence
contempt of parliament
context - historical
context - in explaining issues
context - with background details
context - news pictures
conventions and conferences
convictions - as evidence of truth
convictions - spent
copy - presentation
copy - phoning in
copy-takers - communicating with
copyright - and leaked documents
coroner's court
correcting unintentional defamation
correction & apology - defamation corrections and apologies
correspondents - sport
corruption - investigative reporting
corruption - checking facts
corruption - protecting documents
costs - in law
costs - and damages
court martial (See military courts)
court records - as sources of information
court reporting - fairness in
court reporting - rules of
court reporting in practice
court reporting - an actual case
court reporting - intros
court reporting - colour
court reporting - electronic recording
courts - case law
courts - the judiciary
courts - and privilege
courts - and contempt
courts (See also court reporting)
cricket - results
crime - introduction to reporting
crime - victimless
crime - reporting on
crime - writing about
crime - ethics of reporting
crimes - copycat
criminal contempt
criminal defamation
criminal law
criminal libels
criticism - of courts and judges
cross-checking - facts
cross -checking - sources
crowds - estimating size
crowds - demonstrations
current affairs - producers
customary law


damages - in civil law
damages - for defamation
damages - types awarded
dead - defaming
deadlines - for breaking stories
deadlines - don't panic
deadlines - for sports correspondents
debates - in features
deep fake
defamation - what you cannot do
defamation - what you can do
defamation - courts and parliaments
defamation - writing about crime
defamation - investigative reporting
defamation - blame
defamation - risks in reviewing
defamation & privilege - reporting courts
deterrence - reporting courts
development stories
diagrams - aiding understanding
diagrams - illustrate science stories
diagrams - illustrating crime stories

diaries - newsdesk
diaries - and follow-ups
diaries - for crime reporters
diary column
digital divide
dignity - of courts
dignity - scandalising the court
disasters - and death
disasters - reporting
divorce - family courts
divorce - evidence in court
divorce - court judgments
documentaries - anniversary
Donald Trump and social media
documents - protecting
drawings - illustrations
drawings - defamatory
duty reporters - staffing disaster coverage

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eavesdropping (see also electronic interception)
economic terms
editorial (See leader columns)
electronic interception
emergency planning
emergency procedure book
emotions - exaggeration

employers associations

entertainment - as news
entrapment - gathering evidence
epitomes - news pictures
ethics - introduction
ethics of the internet
euphemisms - in translation
euphemisms - in obituaries
exclamation marks
eyewitnesses - reporting death & disaster
eyewitnesses - as secondary sources

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Facebook - defamation on
facts - putting them first
facts and opinions
facts and opinions - proven facts
facts and opinions - probable facts
facts and opinions - and quotes
facts and opinions - attributing
fair comment - defamation
fair dealing - copyright
fair trial - court reporting
fair trial - committal proceedings
fair trial - prejudicial publications
fair trial - prejudicing
fairness - in letters columns
fairness - of legal system
fairness - defence in defamation
fairness - and privilege
fake news
family courts
favours - in rounds reporting
fear and alarm - creating
features - writers
features - using quotes
features - in science and technology
features - in crime reporting
features - structure

features for radio and television
features - the Three Ts
feedback - in reviews

finance - reporting
finance - guide to economics
fisheries, forestry & agriculture
FOI (See freedom of information)
follow-ups- after meetings
follow-ups - investigative reporting
follow-ups - death and disaster
freedoms - in society
freedoms - legal limits on
freedom of information - finding facts
freedom of speech - clash with traditions
freedom of speech - protecting sources
freedom of speech - fair comment
full stops

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golf - results
good faith - privilege
good faith - and sedition
good taste
grammar - clear writing
grammar - grammatical errors

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habeas corpus
headlines - investigative reporting
headlines for new media
health - as news
historical record - reviews
honesty - in obituaries
honesty - in judging facts and opinions

House of Lords - as court of appeal
human interest - as news
humour - news pictures
humour - taste and bad taste
hyphens and dashes

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identification - in law (See also identity)
identikit (See Photofit)
identity - necessary for defamation
identity - what is means in defamation
imputation - in defamation
in camera - evidence
indecent evidence
industrial disputes
injunctions - contempt
injunctions - silencing writs
innuendo - in defamation
interviewees with problems
interviews - translation
interviews - at press conferences
interviews - after press conferences
interviews - for vox pops
interviews - radio and TV vox pops
interviews - telephone

intro - what it is
intro - steps in writing
intro - rules for writing
intro - length
intro - short and simple
intros - in reviews
inverted pyramid - shape of news story
inverted pyramid - writing news stories
investigative reporting - introduction
investigative reporting - in practice
investigative reporting - writing
investigative reporting - industry & finance
investigative reporting - revelations
irony - in defamation
Islamic law

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Jackson, Michael - and copyright
jargon - rounds reporting
jargon - political
jargon - reporting finance
jargon - science and technology
jargon - legal
jargon - reporting death and disaster
journalists - motives
journalists - qualities
judges - the judiciary
judges - in court

judges - and contempt
judges - in defamation
judges - assessing damages
jury - their role
jury - in court proceedings
jury - and contempt
jury - and appeals
jury - in defamation
jury - assessing damages
justification - defence in defamation

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key points - in intro writing
key points - in writing the news story
key points - ranking
key points - obituaries


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Lady Chatterley's Lover - obscenity trial
language - love of
language - simplicity in news writing
language - simplicity in science writing
language - importance
language - words
language - grammar
language - translation
language - accuracy in legal terms
language - avoid vague words
language - reporting death and disaster
language - for radio & TV
language - for new media
language - repetition for radio
language - tenses for radio & TV
language - using concrete words
language - in crime reporting
language - investigative reporting
language - death and disaster
language - 'No comment'
language - fairness
language - swearing and bad taste
language - legal
language - scandalising
language - prejudicial to a fair trial
language - words that change
language - obscene
languages - spoken by minorities

lead (See intro)
leader columns - facts and opinions
leader columns - fairness
leaked documents - as source of news
leaked documents - non-attributable
leaked documents - copyright on
leave to appeal
legal aid
legal systems of the world
legislation - source of law
legislature - source of laws
legislature - contempt of parliament
Lennon, John - and copyright
letters to the editor - facts and opinions
letters to the editor - and defamation
libel (See also defamation)
lies - probable
lies - dangers of
literary merit - defence against obscenity
live commentary - sport
Lose/Gain Test

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magistrates - in judiciary
magistrates - and committal proceedings
malice - investigative reporting
malice - in court reporting
malice - and privilege
malice - and qualified privilege
malice - in defamation
malice - and criminal defamation
McCartney, Paul - and copyright

media conferences
media releases
meetings - and speeches
meetings - reporting
messaging and emails
military courts
minorities - reporting on
mobile journalism (MoJo)
modems - communications
Monroe, Marilyn - obituary
moral issues - reporting religion
morality - privacy and public interest
morgue - obituaries
multilingual radio & TV
music - in radio & TV

music - in radio & TV features

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names - and titles
narration - in radio & TV
new media
new media - issues to consider
new media - law
new media - platforms
new media - tools
news bubbles
news - definition
news - categories
news - education
news - good news in rounds reporting
news - good news as a feature subject
news - good news features
news - human face in politics
news - human face in industry & finance
news criteria
news judgment
news judgment - newsworthiness
news angle
news angle - in press releases
news angle - in radio & TV features
news angle - local
news editor
news flashes - breaking stories on radio
news flashes - special bulletins
news sense
news sense - rounds reporting
news sense - science & technology

news story - length
news story - shape
news story - writing
news story - key points
news story - sequence and continuity
news story- from press conferences
news story - from vox pops
news stories - getting facts and evidence
news stories - gathering evidence
news value - rounds reporting
news value - reporting crime
news value - investigative reporting
Nixon, Richard - revelations about
Nixon, Richard - honest obituaries
no comment
notebooks - when interviewing
notebooks - and defence against contempt
notes - and translation
notes - recording interviews
notes - at speeches and meetings
nouns - objectivity

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obituaries - features
objective journalism
objectivity - science and technology
objectivity - sensitivity reporting minorities
objectivity - campaigning journalism
objective language
obscenity - and bad taste
obscenity - criminal libels
off the record
off the record - at press conferences
off the record - reporting politics
official secrecy laws
Okuk, Iambakey - obituary
on the record
on the record - at press conferences
on the record - reporting politics

open questions - interviewing
open questions - in vox pops
opinions - in intros
opinions - attributing
opinions - and facts
opinions - verifiable
opinions - expert
opinions - personal
opinions - investigative reporting
opinions - fair comment
order of mandamus
overloading - intros
overloading - news stories
overloading - simplicity
overloading - language
overloading - unnecessary words

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paired negatives
paragraph length
parliament - privilege
parliament - contempt of
passive voice - and active voice
passive voice - when to use it
persistence - journalist qualities
persistence - when interviewing
personality - in obituaries
Photofit - from police
Photofit - illustrating crime stories
pictures - sequences
pictures - taking group pictures
pictures - sport
plaintiff - in civil law
plaintiff - in defamation
plaintiff - identity
plaintiff - and damages
planning - for the breaking story
police - rounds
police - contacts
police - appeals
police - writing appeals
police radios - monitoring
police - role in law
police - and courts
police - and legal deterrence
police prosecutor
politicians - private lives
politics - opposition sources
politics - elections
politics - fairness reporting elections
predictions - fairness of making
prejudice - colour in reporting courts
prejudice - in reporting committals
prejudice - criminal contempt
prejudice - danger for reporters
prejudice - possible defence
prejudice - 'without prejudice'
press cards - police
press conferences
press conferences - police

press officers
press officers - dealing fairly with
press officers - as secondary sources
press releases
press releases - police
press releases - dealing fairly with
pressures - on journalists
pressures - government
pressures - commercial
pressures - police
pressures - family
pressures - tradition
presumption of innocence in common law
presumption of innocence - remands
presumption of innocence - arrests
previews - features
previews - sport
privacy - and public interest
privacy - right to
privilege - protection from defamation
privilege - courts and parliaments
privilege - absolute and qualified
privilege - defence in defamation
privilege - and obscenity
problem words
Profumo, John - public interest
pronunciation - style guides
pronunciation - checking accuracy
public benefit - defence in obscenity
public figures - and privacy
public interest - and privacy
public interest - and privacy
public interest - and defence of truth
public interest - meaning in defamation
public opinion - surveys by vox pops
public opinion - preparing surveys
publication - in defamation
punctuation - basic rules
punctuation - style guides
punishment - reason for laws
punishment - reasons for reporting courts
punishment - for defamation
purging contempt
pyramid of pyramids story structure

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qualified privilege
question marks
questions - clarifying questions
quotation marks
quotes - not in the intro
quotes - in the news story
quotes - punctuation
quotes - partial and incomplete
quotes - and objectivity
quotes - from speeches and meetings
quotes - in vox pops
quotes - in crime reporting
quotes - in radio
quotes - in obituaries
quotes - on the record

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radio - bulletins
reading rate - pace
reading rate - timing bulletins
reading rate - calculation
recording in court
reference books
reliability - qualities of journalists
reliability - of facts
religious law systems
remand - in custody
remand - on bail
religion - as source of news
religion - reporting
reported speech - what is it
reported speech - use
reported speech - changing words
reporting restrictions - in committals
reputation - injury to
reputation - calculating damage to
research - preparing for rounds
revelations - news pictures
revelations - features

reviewers - specialist writers
reviewing for amateurs and influencers
reviews - features
reviews - audience
reviews - timing
reviews - facts and opinions
reviews - fairness
reviews - and copyright
reviews - protection of fair comment
right of reply - privilege
right to know - investigative reporting
royalties - copyright
royalty - privacy and public interest
rugby - scores
rumour - and speculation
rumour - and defamation
rumours - death & disaster
running stories - crime

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scandalising the court - contempt
scare quotes
science - reporting
science - writing about
scripts - radio and TV
search engine optimisation (SEO)
security laws
security - on new media
sedition and national security laws
self confidence - with contacts
self confidence - writing reviews
sensationalising - science & technology
sensitivity - death & disaster
sensitivity - privacy and grief
sentences - length
sentences - structure
sermons - reporting
Sharia law
shorthand - for making notes
shorthand - value in reporting courts
shorthand - speeds for court reporters
silencing or SLAPP writs
Singh, Khushwant - on gifts
slang - and partial quotes
soccer - scores
social media
social media - best practice
social media - ethics
social media - fact checking
social media - for journalists
social media - law
social media - platforms for publishing
social media - production tools
sound effects - reporting science
sound effects - in news features
sources - attributing facts and opinions
sources - reliable
sources - for follow-ups
sources - choosing for fairness
sources of information
sources of information - politics
sources of information - within minorities
sources of information - reporting crime
sources of information - investigations
sources of information - credibility
sources of information - confidentiality
sources of information - reliability
sources of information - primary
sources of information - secondary
sources of information - anonymous
sources of information - refusing to name
speculation - and rumour
speculation - and predictions
speeches - as sources of news
speeches - reporting

spelling - different systems
spelling - newsroom styles
spelling - checking after interviewing
spent convictions
sport - as source of news
sport - reporting
sport - writing about
sport - in different media
sport - statistics on popularity
sport - results
sport - league tables
sport - reports
sport - horse racing
standards of journalism
stand-ups - in TV reporting
statute of limitations - in defamation
stereotypes - reporting minorities
stereotypes - taste and bad taste
stolen property - and leaked documents
stop press - newspaper breaking stories
story arcs
story structure - inverted pyramid

story structure - in complex stories
story structure - chronology
story structure - pyramid of pyramids
story structure - politics
story structure - story arcs in radio & TV
style books - help in language

style books
styles of journalism
sub judice
sub judice - investigative reporting
sub judice - defamation and privilege
sub judice - and committals
sub judice - prejudicial publications
sub judice - defence against contempt
subordinate clauses - facts first
subordinate clauses - place in sentences
subpoena - failure to obey
subpoena - to name a confidential source
suicide - reporting
surveys - use in vox pops
surveys - how to conduct
swearing - bad language

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tag - use in quotes
talkback radio - sharing opinions
tape editing - in vox pops
tape recorders - for interviews
tape recorders - at speeches & meetings
tape recorders - note taking
tape recorders - at press conferences
tape recorders - for vox pops
technology - reporting
technology - writing about
television - writing for
television - bulletins
telephone interviews
tennis - results
tenses - up-to-date
terrorism and anti-terrorism laws
third party - publication in defamation
third party - in criminal defamation

threats - investigative reporting
threats - pressures on journalists
threats - criminal contempt
tip-offs - rounds
titles - in intros
titles - use in quotes
titles - punctuating
titles - in translation
totalitarian legal systems
trade unions
tradition - pressures on journalists
tradition - customary law
travel arrangements - getting to the scene
treatment - in radio & TV
Trust Chain
truth - defence in defamation
two-way radios

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unfamiliar words
unintentional defamation
unnecessary words
unpublishing online

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value judgments - personal opinions
verbs - lively language
verbs - and objectivity
verbs - problems in translation
verdict - and sub judice
verdict - and mention of prior convictions
visualising - during interviews
visualising - use to check
visualising - press releases
visualising - meaning of numbers
visualising - scenes of crime
visualising - the crime

voices and interviews

voice reports - phoning stories

voir dire
vox pops - what they are
vox pops - conducting

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War of the Worlds - fear and alarm
Watergate - bugging and wire tapping
weasel words
wire tapping laws
without prejudice
witnesses - interviewing during court case
world legal systems
writing - for new media and social media
writing style - basics
writing style - words
writing style - grammar
writing style - translation
writing style - style books
WWWWWH - writing the intro
WWWWWH - keep it simple
WWWWWH - missing details
WWWWWH - visualising
WWWWWH - death and disaster
WWWWWH - captions



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What's New in News

The peddlers of hate should bear some responsibility for tragedies such as the multiple murders in Pima, Arizona. But so too should journalists.

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