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Probably the most exciting new and growing feature is the Journalism & Media Glossary. With more than 800 definitions, it is probably the largest and most extensive glossary of journalism and media terms available free on the Internet

The What's New in News feature discusses current issues in the news which provide examples of advice in The News Manual itself. Updates appear frequently as appropriate and replace older issues which are archived. We hope the articles will provide "debate-starters" on issues important to journalism.

The Billboard on the current What's News in News pages is where you can promote your organisation's upcoming events. Send us information through the Contact Us page.

The Resources section will also host the Reviews and Views pages. For more on this, click on the 'Reviews of The News Manual' or 'Views and comments' links on the right.

Another developing feature is the page What is News? with famous quotes on news, journalism, the media and truth and freedom If you have a favourite quote that's not yet included, send it via the Contact Us page.

To find what you need within the 74 chapters of The News Manual Online, we have provided an Index with more than 1,000 links to words, phrases, concepts and issues. For simplicity, the Index does not link to additional resources such as What's News in News, Reviews and Views or Journalism in Australia.

There is also a separate section on Media Law in Australia and a link to its own Index through the OzIndex symbol on the right. While this will be most useful to journalists and students in that country, those of you working elsewhere may also find these pages interesting for comparisons with media laws laws in your country.

What's New in News

The peddlers of hate should bear some responsibility for tragedies such as the multiple murders in Pima, Arizona. But so too should journalists. 

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