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Welcome to The News Manual Online

The News Manual is a free online resource for journalists, would-be journalists, educators and people interested in the media. At a time when professional media are under attack, The News Manual provides a simple, clear and unbiased guide to the principles and practice of ethical journalism.

This site has developed from the three-volume book 'The News Manual', which was published with the help of UNESCO as a practical guide to people entering the profession and to support mid-career journalists wanting to improve their skills. You can learn more by visiting the About section.

Access to The News Manual Online is entirely open; no codes, registrations or subscriptions are required. The site has no advertising or sponsorship and is independent of any organisation, institution, government or commercial interest. The site design, structure and content have been kept simple to assist those visitors who may be using slow Internet connections.

To read The Manuals, either click on the tab above, on the red, blue or green volumes on the left or search the main Index of more than 1,000 references. There is also a special section on Media Law in Australia, linked on the right of this page.

The Journalism & Media Glossary, with more than 700 definitions, is probably the largest and most extensive reference of its kind freely available on the Internet.

For other extras, you can also click the Resources tab above.

A new feature of The News Manual Online is Bonus Chapters, bringing journalism up to date with major current technologies and trends. You can find the first Bonus Chapter Fake news and Trust Chains here and also linked above on the right.

Another new feature is The News Manual ... Now!, a website where you can explore issues from The News Manual through commentary on current events. Click below.

Some of the older articles are still available at What's New in News, though this section is no longer updated here.

You can also find comments on current issues at both Twitter and on Facebook.

BONUS CHAPTER Fake news & Trust Chains

Fake news is one of the biggest threats to modern media. What does it mean for journalists and how can we fight it with Trust Chains? See this step-by-step guide.


Media Law in Australia

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